Infinite Chroma Makeup Brush Set

Infinite Chroma Makeup Brush Set

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The Makeupblend modern professional brush set is designed specifically to apply makeup with both precision and ease. We have selected the top 24 brushes most often used by leading makeup artists around the world, removing the guesswork, and creating this dream brush set. Our unique bristles create a flawless blended makeup application so that you can successfully master any angle or picture-perfect look. Included is our dynamic online course, which guides you step by step on how to use each of our high-quality brushes.


A small, firm brush head perfect for controlled and precise lipstick application. Makeupblend professional brushes are hand crafted and assembled using the finest quality synthetic hair.

478-Detail Liner
A thin, extra- fine tip with length and density crafted to expertly line the eyes. This brush is excellent for creating finely detailed lines on the eyes.

479-Flat Eyeliner
A thin, flat brush designed to apply powder, cream, or gel products to the eyes. It creates a sharp, precise line that is great for brushing along the upper and lower lash lines.

480-Mini Smudger
Perfect for smudging edges, blending color, and softening lines. The small, short, rounded brush head works best with powder or cream products to create soft lines in the crease of the eye, outer corner of the eye, or along the lash lines.

Creates precise lining for brows as well as upper and lower lash lines. The stiff bristles make it easy to fill in and define the brows. Use this brush to apply gel, liquid, cream, or powder products.

482-Brow/Lash Comb
Dual sided for easy grooming of brows and lashes. Use the lash comb for separating lashes and combing out mascara clumps. For expert brow grooming and shaping, switch to the brow comb.

This precision groomer is used to apply mascara while simultaneously separating lashes. This brush features synthetic fibers in a spiral design, which is essential for achieving defined lashes and brows.


A flat tip for precision when blending concealer. This brush is also ideal for layering foundation and application of product to under-eye darkness, spots, and blemishes.

485-LG Concealer
A firm, tapered brush used for contouring, highlighting, and blending concealer. This brush produces concentrated coverage and is best used with liquid and cream products.

A small head for easy manipulation of eyeshadow application. This dense brush applies exact color application for extreme intensity to blend colors and/or smudge lines. It’s perfect for contouring and enhancing definition around the eyes.

A slender tip for best application of eyeshadow to the crease of your eyelid. This brush is also excellent for highlighting the socket line of the eye. If you have drooping or sagging eyelids, highlighting the crease can add depth to your makeup look.

488-MD Eye Shader
A paddle-shaped with short, dense bristles that is excellent for shaping and defining the eyes. The brush is excellent for blending and applying both powder and cream eyeshadows.

489-Angle Shader

Uniquely angled with compact fibers and ideal for consistent eyeshadow application. This brush is best for soft application of color. Utilize this brush for brow highlighting and/or to blend color in the crease of the eyes.

490-Angle Eye Blender
An angular brush with smooth, full fibers for applying, blending, and contouring eyeshadow.

491-LG Eye Shader

A rounded, tapered brush head designed to apply, smudge, and blend eye products quickly and thoroughly. This brush delivers an ultra-soft and supple touch. It can be used with powder or cream eyeshadows and applied wet or dry.

Constructed specifically for smooth and even foundation applications, this brush is used to apply, blend, and distribute foundation on all areas of the face and neck. It can be used to apply liquid or cream products.

493-Angled Foundation

A slanted brush allows for more precise application to the contours of the face. This brush is used to apply, blend, and distribute foundation to areas of the face and neck. It can be used to apply liquid or cream products.

Designed with chiseled sides that are perfect for highlighting and shading with blush. The bristles are full and soft, which offers ultra-soft application of product.


A large, angled brush used to achieve perfect cheek contouring. This soft, firm brush can also be used for blush application.


A flat-topped brush head used for blending fluids, creams, powders, and pigments for lightweight application. This brush works especially well with mineral products and is also excellent for creating soft layers or adding textures.

497-Flat Kabuki

A flat brush head designed to retain the perfect amount of product for a naturally bronzed finish. This very soft brush provides a flawless, high-definition finish when used with cream products on the cheekbones.

498-Tapered Face

A large, tapered brush crafted for applying bronzer or blush to cheekbones and temples. The tapered head is also perfect for gently contouring the face.


A soft, fluffy, beveled brush that is excellent for whole-face powder application. This brush is also used for applying blush to the apples of the cheeks.

500-LG Fan

A unique fan shape that is great for applying bronzers and highlighters to the face and neck. This brush is also excellent for fanning away excess product, such as eye makeup fallout. The firm yet soft fibers are great for sculpting and enhancing cheekbones.